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Chapter 3: Recipes and Menus Lives are sustained by what we choose to eat, drink, think, and do. These recipes are intended to inspire your creativity and guide you with nutritious ingredients. Freshen them up and season them to your taste, using the natural flavors of whole foods as inspiration. Explore flavors that can be paired, as well as those that contrast. You'll find many of the flavors that go well together also provide complementary health benefits. You can adapt almost any cuisine to an alkaline approach. There are a great many cookbooks, websites, and blogs that have delicious and easy alkaline recipes. To get you started, we've put together some sample meals to help you become familiar with the world of alkaline foods. These basic suggestions are exceptionally tasty. Experiment and prepare foods to your palate and specificity (raw or cooked, sweet or spicy, etc.). Substitutions can easily be made based for any allergies or sensitivities. Once you've settled into your new alkaline lifestyle, we suggest exploring and experimenting with as many alkaline-forming foods as you can and coming up with your own delicious recipes to enjoy! Many of the meal options in this chapter can serve as breakfast, lunch, or dinner according to your personal preference. As you use these recipes and fine-tune your eating habits, begin to recognize which foods or lifestyle habits help you to feel energized and balanced, rather than depleted or weighed down. Choose what feels good on every level. Sky Jaffe is a Trager practitioner, permaculture biodynamic farmer, and wellness coach with special interests in nutrition, fitness, and sustainable living. He has followed The Alkaline Way his entire life and sees it as a basis for life long health, even in stressful times. Many of these recipes and flavor combinations are drawn from Sky's collection, inspired by his vegetable and herb garden and home orchard. 21

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