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Detox Patient Handout Dec 2015

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Do you breathe? Do you eat? Do you Detox? Now through January 31, DETOXIFY and SAVE with the PERQUE Detox Protocol *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Phone: 800-525-7372 • Fax: 703-450-2995 Email: PERQUE Integrative Health We are constantly exposed to toxins in our environment and in the foods we eat. Fortunately, our bodies are able to detoxify. Detoxication ("detox") is the body's natural process of neutralizing and eliminating toxins from the body -- not some crazy starvation period with messy powders and smelly drink concoctions. If you are looking to recover from holiday indulgences, have resolved to clean up your diet, or vowed to lose weight in the next few weeks, ask your healthcare practitioner how you can better support your body's detox process. The PERQUE detox protocol is available to help you reach your New Year's wellness goal with a simple, proven, four product detox program. PERQUE Detox IN Guard™ – Removes lead, mercury, other toxic minerals, as well as benzene, and other hormone-disrupting biocides.* PERQUE Liva Guard Forté™ – Repairs, restores, and rehabilitates the liver from harsh chemical exposures and protects the body.* PERQUE EPA/DHA Guard™ – Active Omega 3 EFAs help remove fat-soluble toxins and aid in the nutrient uptake. * PERQUE Potent C Guard™ – Strengthens, repairs, and energized the immune system, brain function, and hormonal balance and provides antioxidant protection.* (Ask your healthcare practitioner for a copy of the C Cleanse Protocol.) For an ultimate detox and immune system reset – combine the PERQUE Detox Protocol with an Immune- Tolerant diet based on LRA by ELISA/ACT test results. Ask your healthcare practitioner how! Visit for more information about LRA tests.

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